How to use Deco Foil Heat Transfer Sheets (& our EXTREME color challenge!)

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Using Heat Transfer Sheets is a fun way to create a multi-colored garment- by cutting your entire image on ONE MAT... AKA, in fewer steps! 

STEP 1: Put your Siser EasyWeed Adhesive shiny side down on your mat. 
STEP 2: Cut your entire project, and weed as normal 
STEP 3: Press the EasyWeed Adhesive (it's clear!)- 305 degrees, for 15 seconds. 
STEP 4: Lay your foil pieces on top of the EasyWeed Adhesive, color side UP, in any fashion you want. 
STEP 5: Lay cover sheet over the top- press 300-305 degrees for 15 seconds
STEP 6: Pull foil off, in a QUICK motion. DO NOT SLOW PEEL. DO PEEL WHILE STILL HOT! (use fingers, once cooled, to smooth the surface after you peel all the foil off!) 
STEP 7: LOVE LOVE LOVE your completed project! 

Watch our fun video, while we make this awesome Panda Shirt! 
Find Deco Foil Sheets here. 
Find Siser EasyWeed Adhesive here. 
Find Heat Cover Sheets here. 

 Purchase this AWESOME Panda SVG File from Victoria Treasures on Etsy, here. 



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