Speedy Rewards Info

To sign up for the Speedy Rewards program all you need to do is click the the little "gift bag with heart" in the bottom right corner of your screen or computer. Input the asked info and make sure to login every time you make a purchase. 

Redeeming points: Points can be redeemed 100 at a time. Each 100 points equals $1. 

Click the "gift bag" button that is reddish pink. 

Click "All rewards"

Click "Redeem Rewards"

Then pick the amount you want to redeem. You will be emailed a code and will be able to use it at anytime. It does not expire if you are unable to use it when you redeem it.  

There will be other items in the future that you can redeem your points for. To include vinyl packs, special prints, and craft tools so check back often. 


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