TTD EasyMask (HIGH TACK) Transfer Tape (For Printed HTV)

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On Printed HTV

Because we are printing on the raw material (Siser ColorPrint Easy)- it does not have the clear transfer tape over the top like traditional EasyWeed or other Siser Heat Transfer Vinyls on our website have. This allows us to create custom gorgeous prints right in our shop! When we say TTD EasyMask we are refering to the "clear transfer tape" on-top of the heat transfer vinyl that you will peel off after pressing your design! Siser ColorPrint Easy Media is specifically engineered to be compatible with eco-solvent and professional high grade printers, like what we use here at Speedy Vinyl! TOP QUALITY, ALWAYS!
**Please note that in most cases, you can use 1 piece of TTD EasyMask a couple of times! Don't throw it away until you've gotten your use out of it! 

On all other Siser Products on our website (Because it's already applied!)

More about TTD EasyMask:

Most application tapes in the industry are manufactured to transfer sign vinyl which doesn’t require heat. When using these tapes to apply Siser products, you may be left with an adhesive residue. Additionally, the tape may be difficult to remove which slows down the production process. An extended amount of time was spent formulating a transfer tape that works perfectly with our heat transfer materials. This CLEAR mask allows you to accurately place the image on the garment then releases easily after heat application.