Thanksgiving (Collection 2): HTV Ready to Press Image Transfer Sheet *Includes all Images!

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Speedy Vinyl Heat Transfers are custom Printed on Siser HTV and are ready to press on your shirt!  Each purchase will include the image collection as selected Your pre-made heat transfers will be weeded and will come with the transfer tape for application! (The transfer tape is clear, you will need to apply the transfer tape prior to application, instruction below!) 


  • Heat Setting: 305
  • Remove the heat transfer from the backing by carefully placing the clear transfer tape on top of the image, pressing, and peeling the image off by starting in one corner. (Using a squeegee, press the htv into the transfer tape before removing from back to make sure it's adhered)
  • Press your transfer for 10 seconds at 305
  • Slowly peel the transfer tape to leave the image on the shirt. 
  • Do not launder for 24 hours. Avoid fabric softer (or use minimal) to add longevity to the article of clothing.  


    Your Ready to Press Transfer Sheet will include all the clip art images as shown. You will receive 1 Count 12" x 16" sheet of HTV that has all images on it. (Each image is NOT 12" x 16") as well as 1 12" x 10" sheet of TTD Transfer tape to use with your HTV!  The sizing on each individual image will vary, the images collectively will occupy the 12" x 16" sheet. The excess will be weeded out of the 12" x 16" space.  Your sheet will be pre-weeded but the transfer tape will not be applied. This way you can use what you need when you need it. The transfer tape provided can be used a couple of times, so don't throw it away after one press! The variants in sizing for the images paired with the variety on each sheet make them super fun, and allow us to price them low! Please keep in mind that these transfer sheets are custom printed in our shop using professional commercial grade ecosolvent inks on Siser Color Print Easy Material- and require time to dry before shipping. Therefore, all orders that have ANY printed material on them can take 2-4 business days from time of payment to ship. If ordered after noon on Friday, on a weekend, or holiday, the 2-4 business days starts the next business day. If you have other items on your order that you do not want delayed, we recommend placing a separate order so that the print does not hold it up! 
    **If there is ONE image that you are wanting in a specific size- please send an email to In the body of your email please link us to the collection you're referencing, tell us what image you are wanting, the specific size, and # of images. This is considered a "custom" print and the price for a custom printing HTV job starts at $12 per linear foot, plus $4 to contour cut. Custom Print Jobs can take 2-7 business days from date of payment, depending on how busy our print shop it at the time of ordering! All orders are processed in the order they are received. If you need something quicker, we can "rush" your custom print job for a $10 Rush fee. The Rush fee is NOT shipping, it simply puts your project to the top of the print que. 


    The copyright of the all images belongs to GraphicAdventure.