Sports - Patterned Vinyl

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All Patterned Vinyl is 12"x12" and Available in Two Styles:

Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)
Each 12"x12" heat transfer vinyl sheet comes WITH a carrier sheet. This attached carrier sheet ensures that you can use your patterned HTV just like you would use regular EasyWeed! Simply mirror your image, cut and press...and to keep it simple, all of your cut and heat settings are the same as Siser EasyWeed.

Permanent Patterned Vinyl (651)
Each 12"x12" vinyl sheet is waterproof and has a permanent adhesive that will remain vibrant and beautiful for up to 1 year outdoors. (You can increase the longevity of your vinyl outdoors by applying a laminate over the top to provide UV and abrasion protection.)