Siser Twinkle (Glitter) 12x10

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Twinkle is a brand-new type of glimmering HTV by Siser®. While the Glitter HTV has a textured feel, the new Twinkle HTV contains embedded flakes that result in a smooth finish. Additionally, Twinkle’s flakes have reflective properties that give off a unique shine when exposed to direct light similarly to the EasyReflective® line.

The application process for Twinkle is similar to EasyWeed®, but the carrier should be peeled WARM.
Layering is also NOT recommended with Twinkle.

100% cotton  •  100% uncoated polyester  •  poly/cotton blends  •  Lightly Siliconed Nylon  •  Lycra®/spandex (Will adhere to fabric but may crack when stretched)  •  Leather  •  Sublimated polyester
Time: 15 Seconds  •  Temperature: 305° F / 155° C  •  Pressure: Medium/Firm  •  Peel: Warm