Custom Wrap vinyl 12x12 Carbon White

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These are LIMITED TIME OFFERINGS. VERY VERY FEW are available as we will bring news ones often! 

They may be 3M, Avery Denison, or Orafol. 

These are a cast material, and are normally used for wrapping vehicles. They can be applied to anything you would apply 651 or equivalent to as well. They can be heated and stretched, you could use them on your car, phone, or whatever you would like. The Color in the pic is what you will receive

This vinyl will clean remove generally in 3-5 years. It is reposition-able as well. There for it can be removed if needed. Always test your surface and make sure you know what you are using before you use it. 


***Some of the vinyls have a thin clear covering to protect the vinyl when it is being installed.