Custom Sticker Maker 3x3

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Customize it!

This is a custom sticker maker. You can upload your own image and we will print and cut it for you. In most cases they will come on a sheet and will NOT be weeded or transfer taped. You will have to do that once received.

You MUST use a transparent background on your image. The system will let you do any so you must make sure before you load it up that it is transparent. If you have any questions about this please contact us. A great tool to do this is to create your image at Here you can size and save your image correctly and save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run. We do need the image to be a PNG format. This generally tends to be the best when it comes to making decals.

QTY selection: Choose the amount of stickers that want! You will only have to upload one. So make sure to choose the amount that you need. If you do not see the general size starting point and need something bigger please contact us at


We will NOT print anything that is copyrighted or trademarked with out written consent of the the owner/creator! Don't even try! We are also only as good as the file you send us. This means don't use images that are .5" tall and expect to blow them up to 50" with out them degrading. Again if you have questions or need help please contact us! This service takes roughly 1-3 business days to print and cut. Expect slightly longer ship times, very similar to our other custom print.