Care Instructions Adhesive Stickers (3" x 2.1")

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Ship or deliver your order with these adorable Care Instructions Adhesive stickers. ! You can stick these to an invoice, onto a note card, or on cardstock! These Care Instructions Stickers are the perfect reminders for your customers, and printed in gorgeous color for top notch presentation! 

These stickers are about the size of a business card! Your Care Instructions will come on a sheet. All you need to do is pull them off and apply them as needed! 

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We custom print these here at Speedy Vinyl. All printed material, including these adhesive Care Instruction Stickers can take 1-3 business days, so that we can print and allow these the proper dry time! When ordering, please keep in mind that the entire order could experience a slight delay while we custom print these for you! **This delay is not guaranteed! At times, we will have some on hand ready to go with no delay!