5 ft Rolls of Oracal **751** Vinyl *Choose Color (12" wide)

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 This listing is for one 12" wide by 5 Ft. Roll of Oracal 751 vinyl! Choose your color from the menu! Be sure to click the color name and not just the photo, to add your item to the cart! All vinyl is gloss unless otherwise marked!!

  • ORACAL® Series 751 High Performance Cast Film Description 2-mil, high performance PVC film with excellent dimensional stability and very good cutting and application characteristics. Available in 78 vivid colors plus transparent, matte white and matte black. Release Liner 84# custom silicone coated paper with special release characteristics that provide excellent weeding and release values. Customized blue silicone paper liner for matte and gloss white provides superior contrast for weeding. Adhesive Clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive Applications Ideal for lettering, marking and decoration with high requirements for durability and conformability. Particularly suitable for high quality vehicle and fleet graphics. Technical Data Thickness (without liner and adhesive) 2 mil Dimensional Stability (FINAT TM-14) Adhered to steel, no shrinkage in cross direction; In length, <.006” Temperature Resistance Adhered to aluminum, -58°F to +230°F, no variation Fire Behavior (DIN 75200) Fire Rating Adhered to steel, self-extinguishing ASTM E 84-07 Class “A” Adhesive Power (FINAT TM-1, after 24 h, average) Adhered to stainless steel: 4.1 lb/in Tensile Strength (DIN EN ISO 527) Along: Min. 19 MPa Across: Min. 19 MPa Elongation at Break (DIN EN ISO 527) Along: Min. 120% Across: Min. 120% Seawaterability (DIN 50 021) Adhered to aluminum, after 100h/73°F, no variation Shelf Life (68°F/50% relative humidity) 2 years Minimum Life Expectancy (based on accepted application procedures on vertical surfaces) 8 years - black and white / 7 years - colors/transparent 5 years - metallic / 4 years - brilliant blue and gold Minimum Application Temperature 46°F Available Lengths Available Widths (inches) 150’ (50-yard) and 30’ (10-yard) 15 (punched), 24, 30, 36 (transparent, black and white only), 40 (transparent and white only), 48 Recommended Application Tapes ORATAPE® HT55, MT95, MT72 Print Compatibility Thermal transfer (gloss finish only)