Glitter Adhesive Vinyl 12x12 Sheets (Like 651)

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Ultra Glitter Adhesive Vinyl! This is NOT HTV! This is 651 equivalent vinyl for your everyday projects! This is not a "loose glitter" material. This is a gloss finish smooth surfaced glitter permanent adhesive vinyl, which makes it super durable! It's gorgeous! You're going to love it! 

Be Aware that "FINE" detail can be tricky to weed in glitter vinyl

  • Far exceeds the exterior demands of other regions and competitors performance resulting in 5 to 8 year durability
  • 2 Mil Vinyl; has superior dimensional stability due to the lowest shrinkage and highest shear resistant adhesives available
  • Film is flexible to conform to most compound curved surfaces. This coupled with the highest performance acrylic adhesives makes it ideal for fleet marking and tough applications.
  • The 2000 series Ultra-Metallic adhesive vinyl films from Tape Technologies contain true metallic flakes to provide the ultimate sparkle for your designs.