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If you haven't heard, Speedy Vinyl custom prints Heat Transfer Vinyl right in our vinyl shop! We have 1000s of prints to choose from, easy ordering, and a fast turn around! Browse prints here. Speedy Vinyl uses professional grade Siser ColorPrint Easy media, eco-solvent inks, and large professional grade printers that are designed to produce high quality prints! You're going to love your prints! Siser ColorPrint Easy Media is specifically engineered to be compatible with eco-solvent and professional high grade printers, like what we use here at Speedy Vinyl, so you know you're going to be receiving the HIGHEST quality Heat Transfer Vinyl! 
Today, I'm going to show you a fun "Football" project I did using Siser EasyWeed in Black and our adorable Football print (Sku: FB3- Found here
Find sheets of EasyWeed here. 

Isn't this file adorable? Give credit where credit is due! I downloaded this free file from SVG LOVE! Definitely check out her amazing designs! You can find this fun file "for personal use" here. 
Now that we've seen the finished product, lets go through the steps and explore printed HTV! 
STEP 1: Cut your design on your plotter machine! On traditional EasyWeed you're going to cut as usual (mirror your image!) On printed HTV you will NOT MIRROR YOUR IMAGE! 
STEP 2: Weed your design. I've found that if you weed out the "centers" first, the whole design weeds much easier! 

(Centers are weeded! Ready to Weed the rest of the design!)
STEP 3: Your EasyWeed (The black writing) already has the TTD Transfer Tape on the design. The printed HTV does not. So we're going to put it on the design. 

Because we are printing on the raw material (Siser ColorPrint Easy)- it does not have the clear transfer tape over the top like traditional EasyWeed or other Siser Heat Transfer Vinyls on our website have. This allows us to create custom gorgeous prints right in our shop! When we say TTD EasyMask we are refering to the "clear transfer tape" on-top of the heat transfer vinyl that you will peel off after pressing your design! Siser ColorPrint Easy Media is specifically engineered to be compatible with eco-solvent and professional high grade printers, like what we use here at Speedy Vinyl! TOP QUALITY, ALWAYS!
**Please note that in most cases, you can use 1 piece of TTD EasyMask a couple of times! Don't throw it away until you've gotten your use out of it! 
You can find TTD here.

(I'm using a Speedy Squeegee to press the TTD Transfer Tape onto my printed HTV! Don't have a squeegee? Get one here, they're amazing for ALL vinyl projects!)

Here you can see the transfer tape on the design! 

Now you can gently "peel" the design off the ColorEasy backing, so that it sticks to the TTD Transfer Tape. Now your printed design looks just like your weeded EasyWeed design! 

STEP 4: Press your shirt! I started with the "I love you" design, and then pressed the football design! 

First press- ready to go! 

The bottom part is pressed, time to press the printed HTV now! 

**We include this great "cheat sheet" with every order that has printed HTV! Tips, tricks, temperature settings, time, and types of material it applies too! 


STEP 5: Peel and ENJOY your one of a kind design using Siser EasyWeed & Siser ColorPrint Easy HTV! 



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  • Looks really simple. Really pretty!!! Can’t wait to try it

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