Introducing.... The "Print Plus" Speedy Vinyl Mystery Box (VIDEO!)

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Love Vinyl? Want to try printed HTV &/or adhesive in color matched, project ready sets? Order your "Print Plus" Mystery Box today! Each mystery box has a retail value of $40+ and will contain a fun  mix of "surprise" items! Our mystery boxes are extra awesome, because every single  box will contain at least 2 sheets of printed vinyl, in HTV &/or adhesive! This print will be color matched to additional materials, so that you can brainstorm the perfect project! Each Mystery Box will contain an informational sheet explaining the items included! 

In addition to the printed HTV &/or Adhesive vinyl that will be in your Mystery Box, other examples of items that could be included are a themed mix of.... Oracal 651, Oracal 631, Siser EasyWeed HTV, Siser EasyWeed Stretch HTV, Siser Holographic HTV, Siser Glitter HTV, Ultra Glitter Adhesive, Transparent Glitter Adhesive, FX Glitter Adhesive, Etched Glass, Deco Foil Heat Transfer Sheets, Oramask Stencil Vinyl, Transfer Tape, Vinyl application tools, and more! **these are examples of materials that could be included. Each months Mystery Box will be different and will include a different variety of materials, some of which will be from the list above! 

Mystery Boxes will ONLY BE FOR SALE FOR ONE WEEK A MONTH! They will ship the following week! 

Click here to see our CURRENT Mystery Box Schedule- When it Opens, When it closes, and if they've Shipped yet! 

Mystery Boxes cannot be purchased with any other items on our website. When you click the ORDER HEREbutton, it will take you to the checkout page! Please keep the Mystery Box ship times in mind when purchasing. We make & ship all boxes on the same day, so that everyone can receive theirs around the same time, that way no one spoils your surprise, if you see reveals on Social Media of the Mystery Box!

Watch us OPEN the ACTUAL Mystery Box 1, shot live from Speedy Vinyl! This is the actual first Mystery Box. Future boxes we won't reveal! This is to show the awesome products that can be included! 



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