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Are you in the market for a heat press, but don't want to spend $500? Don't worry, there are several options available, and we will show you our favorite tried and true "cheap" press! 
PowerPress HPM-1515 (<---CLICK HERE!)

Here at Speedy Vinyl, we have tried several heat presses.... the "expensive ones" are awesome, but they aren't necessary to make HIGH quality finished products. This is why we LOVE the PowerPress HPM- 1515. For only $189.99 (Compared to $500+ presses)- you can press 1,000s of shirts! We've had our PowerPress for over 4 years... with NO problems! It doesn't come with any instructions... but it's very easy to use! Simply un-box it, set it up on a STURDY surface (it's HEAVY!), and plug it in. Using the arrow keys by the temperature gauge set your temp! Allow the heat press to reach your temp setting, and you're good to go!

The bottom plate will NOT get hot... the top plate will! So be VERY careful! Make sure you keep your press out of the reach of children.... and use a surge protector if possible to avoid tripping your breaker! 

One new thing that PowerPress has done with the HPM-1515 is they have added a Teflon coating to the heating plate, which means that you don't need a coated teflon sheet anymore! This allows you to simply and SAFELY put your HTV to your shirt and press without messing with any barrier in between! (If you aren't sure of the significance... when pressing HTV you should always have a barrier sheet (teflon sheet) between the HTV and the heat source to protect it and keep it from scorching. This is an added step, and can sometimes feel "in the way" when working on detailed projects! So having this feature built in is HUGE when it comes to accuracy and convenience!) 

(Tips for using a heat press below!) 
(More specific information about the PowerPress HPM-1515 at the bottom of the blog!)  

PowerPress HPM-1515 (<---CLICK HERE!)

What's the benefit to using a heat press? 
Siser specifically designs their products, like EasyWeed HTV, to be very easy to use with a home iron or a heat press. This is awesome because when you're first starting out, you just don't want to drop the cash on a press... but you're still able to make high quality items using your home iron. However, when you find yourself making a lot of shirts, using a home iron can get time consuming! 
Using a heat press offers several benefits, here are the TOP 2:

- PRESSURE!!! By clamping your press down, you are evenly distributing the right amount of pressure to help your heat transfer vinyl (HTV) adhere properly to your material! 
- CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE!!! The PowerPress HPM-1515 has a digital temperature gauge that allows you to set the perfect temperature. Most Siser heat transfer products should be pressed at 305... although it's always best to double check the correct temperature setting prior to pressing! 
When pressing HTV, it's important to remember that "more is NOT better!" By that, we mean MORE TIME, MORE TEMP.... just don't do it!!! Over pressing, or pressing at too high of a temperature can actually ruin your HTV, which can cause it to malfunction and not last as long! 10-15 seconds is enough... and the suggested temperature setting is best!

- PRE-HEAT YOUR MATERIAL!!! Lay your material (t-shirt) how you want it on the bottom plate of your press. Once your heat press is at the desired temperature, clamp it down for about 5 seconds to heat up your material and smooth out any wrinkles! You DO NOT want to press HTV into wrinkles! 
- LAYER PROPERLY!!! When doing layers, we suggest you press your first layer for about 5 seconds, slowly peel the carrier sheet off to make sure it's pressed down and nothing pulls up... and then press the next layer.  Assuming the next layer is the last layer, press for the full 10 seconds. This way, you aren't over pressing your first layer! And don't forget, some HTV cannot be layered on top of (GLITTER, HOLOGRAPHIC) so make sure those are your top layers when working on multi-layered projects! 
SPECS for the PowerPress HPM-1515 (<---CLICK HERE!)
  • Brand new, 15x15heat plate. Voltage: 110V. Power: 1400 w
  • Replaceable fuse: protect machine from overheating and electric short
  • Teflon coated heating plate: don't need coated sheet anymore, harmless to the cloth, convenient to clean, and provide attractive appearance
  • Lcd control board: fully digital temperature and time control. Temperature range: 0-450f time range: 0-999 s
  • Individual safety control chip: precisely control the plate heat on the setting degree. The heat plate temperature will be stable during transfer working. The only brand has this safety insurance, buy yourself safety.

Order your PowerPress HPM-1515 (<---CLICK HERE!) today, and start creating gorgeous projects with ease!!!


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